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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

7th Heaven

-In entertainment news, 7th Heaven was cancelled. I was unaware that they ever made new episodes of that show. But since I was in dire need of something vaguely clever to say, this is my choice for headline. Could I have come up with something more creative? Certainly. I don't care though. Also, Jessica Biel.

-'Sheed said the Piston first half was the worst half of basketball he's seen the Pistons play since he got there. While this may be a bit of hyperbole, it's not that far off. That first half was ugly. The third quarter wasn't great, but it did have some classic Chauncey moments. (I've never been Chauncey's biggest fan, or that is, I love pure point guards. Chauncey is not a pure point guard. But Chauncey is the ONLY guy on this team that will just take over games. Rip can be a quiet killer and you'll turn away and he'll somehow have 30 on you. 'Sheed can get hot and start ripping threes. (Don't ever leave him!) Tayshaun can go on his runs and school LBJ out of his shoes. Ben can dunk uncontested put backs. But Chauncey is the only one who can force the issue. When things aren't going right offensively, Chauncey can make things go right. That's the Chauncey difference, and that's why it's better that he's not a pure point guard.) Chauncey kept them close enough so they could make a crushing run in the 4th.
While this game wasn't pretty by any means, a win is a win. Especially since this was basically a home game in a road trip. (11 of the Pistons first 15 games are on the road) and the Stones are heading South for a couple games now.

-Daily Dime has more Flip love, plus a picture of Rip Hamilton getting hit in the face. My only question is, does Rip get hit in the face more because he wears the mask or does he wear the mask because he gets hit in the face more?

-Simmons talks about good ole LB. (I refuse to have hard feelings about him, we knew what we were getting into. My cousins from Philly warned me) Plus, he talks about his sympathy for the Knicks and their fans and gets a good amount of Zeke bashing in.

(Little Roscoe Report confession: when I moved to the Michigan, I came from New Jersey and thusly had a weird sports allegiance formation. I was grandfathered into the New York sports fandom. (Yankees, Knicks, Giants) I have lived in Michigan most of my life, though. A combination of my father's favorites (He didn't like the NBA as much, but was a diehard Giants, Yankees fan) plus a little bandwagoning (The Yankees won World Series, the Lions just plain sucked) led me to my current sports allegiances of Pistons, Yankees, and Giants. (I really don't care about hockey, but I used to say I was a Devils fan to piss off all my Red Wing friends.) I've had trouble justifying my favorites since then. This whole story is to explain I still got a little Knicks fan in me, especially the memories of Ewing and those bunny hops.


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