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Monday, November 14, 2005

Did you get that Memo?

The wonderfully entertaining J.E. Skeets thinks the incomparable and rejuvenated (33 and 17) Mehmet Okur looks remarkably like the most patriotic of Muppets.

Sam Eagle has been compared to thick eyebrowed ballers before, back in the early days of Here's Looking at You on Page 2. (I personally think that Doherty is a better choice.) And Memo's been compared to Sex and the City actor Chris Noth by those whom we respect greatly.

All this Memo talk is really just an excuse for us to share our favorite Memo-ry. In the chaos that was the local coverage of the Pistons post-championship locker room celebration, WXYZ Detroit gave us a candid interview with Memo. At the time, it was expected that he would be leaving after the season, but Memo's fate was still very up in the air. He had seen his minutes significantly reduced with the addition of Rasheed and LB. When asked if his decline in PT would influence his decision, Memo garbled that he didn't "care if he played no minutes or tournaments."
We're pretty sure that he meant to say "ton of minutes," but he didn't. Also, Memo wasn't holding a bottle of champagne, but a can of beer. We miss that guy.

Bonus Memo action: If you weren't aware, he's married to a former Miss Turkey.


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