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Friday, November 18, 2005

Happy Anniversary

-Well, it's been a year (Tomorrow). John Saunders still blames you for the whole thing. Yes, you. has a nice little anniversary celebration. It includes an article that you can get, if you pay for it. Plus, they have the interviews they had on Outside the Lines a couple nights ago and put them on the web. This is actually some pretty interesting stuff, just because it's some of the minor combatants. Included are local newsman Bernie Smilovitz, Rick Mahorn, and the guy that Jermaine O'Neal would have killed if Jermaine hadn't slipped.
Scoop Jackson writes something nonsensical about Ron Artest, and there's a photo gallery which does little other than give us a picture of Ben Wallace's brother, David. He's terrifyingly huge.

-Pistons @ Houston on ESPN tonite. Wonder what Saunders and co. are going to say.


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