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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Pistons 108, 76ers 88

Roscoe! Watch: 19 min. 6 points, 4 fouls, 2 blocks, 1 steal

I watched a good part of this game with my dad, which meant we spent a good part of the game gushing over our favorite non-Piston (by far) Allen Iverson. I still find it remarkable that my dad is so fond of someone who so disdains practice.

Anyways, the most important thing I took out of this was the bench. I hadn't seen much beyond the starting 5 (plus McDyess) in a long time. Maurice Evans and Carlos Arroyo both played 15+ minutes and were quite effective. (Arroyo had a 8 assists to 1 turnover.) With 'Sheed in foul trouble, the front court got some different faces in there as well. McDyess doesn't count as a bench player (especially since he had more minutes than 'Sheed), but Darko played in the second (2nd!) quarter and only looked slightly lost. He had some nice help defense at points, even picking up a steal.

It didn't really matter how the bench played as much as it mattered that Flip went to the bench early and often. There's no way this team doesn't make the playoffs, and it's important that Flip keep the starting five (plus McDyess) fresh. Last year even Big Ben was complaining that the regular season wore them out. And not to look too far ahead, but the Pistons can win on anyones court in the playoffs, so even if the Pacers knock them down to the 4 seed in the East by winning the Central, I wouldn't be upset, so long that the starting five (plus McDyess) are ready come playoff time.

[Sidenote: All this bench talk didn't allow me to speak too much of those 6, they all played really well, nothing unexpected. Everyone did their job.]

I watched the games on ESPN when they're shown nationally (on the WB when they're not) because I like to gauge if the national media even know (or acknowledge) that the Pistons are still the 2 time defending Eastern Conference Champions. (During the Heat lovefest that was known as the preseason, only TrueHoop gave the Pistons any respect.) Add Greg Anthony to the list with his knee-jerk reaction. I just have the suspicious feeling that they drew straws and the loser had to say something nice about our beloved 'Stones.

I also like to watch the ESPN telecast to remind myself of the day that John Saunders lost any semblance of journalistic integrity when he blamed the Pistons fans for the brawl and lauded Ron Artest for "self control." I don't hold as much of a grudge against the talking heads, especially Stephen A., who is paid to be the stereotypical ABM. They're all supposed to be inflammatory. John Saunders is supposed to be the ringleader, keeping everything in perspective. Instead he just piled on.

A great start to the season, and Flip getting 108 out of the boys in the first game is certainly commendable. Also, I'm not sure if you caught this earlier, but Darko played in the 2nd quarter.


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