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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Pistons Blast Nuggets, Camby still yet to receive stipend

I would first like to point out that I am a guest writer for the usual contributor to this blog so don't expect great things like you normally would.

Last night, I was very fortunate to be able to attend the Nuggets Pistons game at the Palace. Despite trecherous weather conditions, we were able to make it to the game in about 2 hours 45 minutes when normally it is just over an hour drive.

There were many highlights throughout the night, here are just a few-

1.) Me buying a Chauncey Billups jersey- this was a hard decision. I knew I was going to buy a jersey, but I couldn't decide who. Of course, I thought about 'Sheed, but then I figured if I bought the Sheed jersey, when I wore it I would have to say "Ball don't lie," and "Don't leave me," more than I already do, so that wasn't an option. Next I thought about Tayshaun, but I already own a tay tay t-shirt, so that was out. Then there is always Ben, but it seems like all the Piston bandwagon fans own this, so I opted out there. Rip you ask? No, I just need someone with a little more flash, even though I love Rip. Who is left? That's right, Mr. Big shot himself. Still seems like he doesn't get the credit he deserves around the league. Will it change with this years all star game ballot? I doubt it, but we'll see

2.) The ginger sitting in front of us- So midway through the first quarter during a tv timeout, the cheeeleaders/ event squad threw shirts into the crowd. Just so happens a couple of clowns sitting in front of us caught one. He leaned over the seat in front of him to catch it. We had a couple of guys from our suite that made an attempt at getting the shirt. Anyway, after catching it, the ginger turned around and pounded his chest and shouted "Me!!" at the couple of guys from our seats. This douche also had a sign that said "Catch 22." A clever sign in reference to Tayshaun. NOT! Moral of the story? In order to get on TV, your sign is going to have to be a whole helluva lot better than that. You also have the whole red hair thing going against you

3.) The suite we had the luxury of sitting in- Honestly, nothing beats the game experience from a suite. You still are mixed with other fans on either side of you in other suites, plus the normal seats above and below you. The biggest luxury of the suite though is the space. It is easy to move around, go to the bathroom, talk with everyone you went to the game with, something you just can't do in regular seats.

4.) Marcus Camby not getting his stipend- Camby was reportedly seen before the game, not dressed by new NBA dress code standards. When asked why not, he claimed he still had not received the stipend to pay for his dress attire. I guess your 7.5 million dollars a year isn't enough money to pay for a new suit or two Marcus? I'm sorry but it's idiots like this that kill professional sports image. While there are a lot of self-centered (understatement?) people like Camby out there, there are also great professionals that we never hear about. Unfortunately we are left to hear about athletes like Marcus. By the way, nice mug shot link.

5.) Most Importantly, the Pistons rebound win after the big loss @ Dallas- They flat out dominated the game from the get go. While both teams got off to a slow start, it was evident from the beginning the Pistons were the team with all the energy. While both teams struggled early, The Nuggets problem came from stingy Pistons D and poor shot selection, while the Pistons struggles came from the inability to finish. By the end of the 1st quarter through they had scored 28 points and led by 5. It seemed like they shot the ball poorly in the first quarter, yet still scored 28 points. This is where the difference lies with Flip and Larry. Last year for the Pistons to score more than 24-25 points in a quarter they would have to shoot some gaudy, not gado, number from the field. In this quarter, they shot just below 50%, which is by no means bad, and still scored 28. This is because they are getting more possesions from the style of play they have adopted. They are taking the first good shot they get, yet still being patient. They are looking to run constantly, which is also leading to more easy buckets/ more possesions.

After the 1st quarter the game was never in doubt as they took a 19 point lead into half time and ended up winning by 25. Rip led the team in scoring with 19, notably however, all starters were in double figures and Ben Wallace was 7-8 from the charity stripe. Mo Evans and McDyess rounding out the double digit scoring column with 16 and 11 respectively.

Darko finished with 1 point, going 1-4 from the line. He had 3 rejections though on defense, after I failed to take a bet saying Darko would get more than 2 blocks.

That's all for now, be back soon


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