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Friday, November 11, 2005

Pistons Player Spotlight

Carlos Arroyo

The little Puerto Rican who played the "game of his life" in the Olympics and got ran out of Salt Lake by Jerry Sloan. He was an interesting addition to the Pistons last year.

He's one of those never-stops-moving points guards who makes some fairly amazing plays, but will also overreach and have some pretty bad turnovers. He was in LB's doghouse most of last year, right after leaving Sloan's doghouse.

He seems genuinely involved in the game when he's on the bench, often the first to great players coming to the bench for a stoppage in play. He's also seen time when the Pistons go with three guards. The 3-guarded Pistons made a brief debut last year in the 76ers 1st round series. (Him, Chauncey and Rip) This year the Pistons 3 guarded attack is their 4th most often used 5 man roster with him, Mo Evans and Rip. He's a nice change of pace guy off the bench. Especially considering for a time he seemed like the heir to the throne of John Stockton in Utah, when he ran circles around the Americans after a solid year at point for the Jazz. That all went to hell, but he's been salvaged in the D.


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