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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sabbatical Wrap-up (Or why I don't like Michael Wilbon)

-Sorry for the delay, folks, but I had a bout with migraine headaches. I'm rested, medicated and ready to get back to talking to myself about the Pistons.

-We'll skip right to the Sacramento game, which is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, winning in Arco is an accomplishment, even against this shell of the former Kings. Secondly, the only news from this game was about the Kings jumbotron shenanigans. I'm so used to people bashing Detroit I'm not sure this is even news. (Michael Wilbon half-condemned it, but Tony K called him out on his previous "I'd rather go to Beirut than Detroit" comment. He also thought it was a bad idea to get Detroit riled up because of our history of violence.) Just wait till the Super Bowl. Judging by how much the writers bitched about Jacksonville, I'm pretty sure they won't be pleased to be at the D.
This whole thing cements the Pistons as underdogs once again, even though they have won back to back Eastern Conference Championships and look better in these first 4 games than they did during the 2003-04 title run. (More Wilbon: On PTI, they were talking about the Heat's inability to beat the Pacers, which apparently is a concern for who is going to be the East's runner up. Tony K atleast threw out the obligatory D-Town mention.) (More Wilbon: He apparently has never seen the Godfather. This, plus the fact he has never seen Seinfeld, pretty much makes us mortal enemies.)

-We'll be back at full speed tomorrow, with a recap of the Pistons-Suns game and another NBA division "preview." Plus, a new feature this weekend, Pistons player spotlight.


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