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Thursday, January 26, 2006

I found it very comical last night that during the 2nd half of the Michigan Michigan State game, I received a message from a spartan friend of mind that read, "I don't know who is going to win this game, but this is the worst officiating I have ever seen,"-from Anonymous hibernating spartan fan. At this point in the game, I believe the game was either tied or MSU was still leading by a slim margin. This message told me two things: One, he knew his team was in serious trouble, because he could obviously not predict how the referees would officiate the rest of the game. What he did see, however, was that his team was getting outplayed by what I still consider to be an inferior Michigan team to that of the Spartans. This little message was just some protection, a bullet proof vest if you will, should his top 15 ranked Spartans fall to the Wolverines. He knew I would call him out after the game if he tried using this excuse after the game, so he protected himself from this by doing it during the 2nd half. Sparty, ADMIT IT! YOU GOT OUTPLAYED BY MICHIGAN LAST NIGHT. The spartans were outrebounded by a front line consisting of a 6'9" white guy (tops) with a vertical that can't exceed much more than 20. A 6'11 softy, who should have stuck with those tennis scholarships he was offered out of high school, and another 6'11 beanpole who can't weigh much more than a couple bills. You guys shot 50% from the field while we shot 41%, doesn't that mean you should have outrebounded us? Hmm, just a couple stats to think about. As well as MSU only taking 5 shots from inside the paint in the 2nd half. Some people have questioned Tommy Amaker as a coach, but one thing they can't question is his ability to teach his kids to not foul a jump shooter!

Just deal with sparty fans. It's one game. You lost. You were outplayed by a team that doesn't have the talent you have Quit your bitching, you'll get our chance at us next month, and then possibily again in the Big 10 tourney. In closing, to go along with Tom's picture, I would just like to drop a few a reactions from one very special little sparty

msu wrestle01:
msu wrestle01: look at these videos and tell me its not bullshit
msu wrestle01: look at em
msu wrestle01: just look at the davis one
msu wrestle01: please
Then the obvious reason why U-M won
msuwrestle01: you would too (bitch).....if Izzo sucked the refs dick like Tommy did....WELL SAID MY MAN


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