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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Roscoe! Report Advertisement Corner

This just in. Nike has some ad geniuses. I know everybody loves the LeBrons. (My favorite: wise LeBron. The man had a quadruple double.) But enough's been said about them. My favorite Nike commercials are the ones that are basically training montages, anyways. It's like watching a little 30 second Rocky movie. The Bittersweet Symphony one from way back (1998!) may or may not have made me cry. That old guy running up the stairs, he's so determined!

Well, Nike has a new training montage commercial, just in time to get my lazy ass off the couch. This time, they're going with the early morning workout motif. The commercial opens with various athletes sleeping soundly. (And alone. Where are the groupies? Do we need to get On The DL on this?) Then the alarms begin to sound. The first are slightly soothing, which amazes me that alarms are made that don't frighten the hell out of me. Then we hear the classic, shrill alarm that greets me every morning. Then the morning workouts begin!
The lights are dramatically turned on at the pool. Tom Brady watches film. (You know its morning because he's eating cereal.) An ocean wave crashes over the camera as a surfer paddles out into the morning ocean. And now the runners. (Part of the reason I love this genre of Nike commercials is that it gets Nike back to its roots. I feel like they get sentimental when they talk about running.) We get some weightlifting Amare. There's brady again, throwing in the snow. (With no gloves! Brady wears gloves in the games, why the hell wouldn't he in practice?) Maria Sharapova? Why so little screen time? The music picks up (AC/DC - Rock and Roll ain't Noise Pollution) and we get some quick cuts. The commercial ends with another shrill alarm and a Just Do It screen graphic.

Classic Nike work. I put these commercials to the Rocky/Vision Quest litmust test. If the commercial makes me want to hit the gym, its effective in my book. I might just buy some Nike products to assist me. Good work, Nike, now I'm off to the IM Building.

Note: I think Nike should put their ad geniuses to work for some uniform design, because I'm pretty sure those folks are going crazy.


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