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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Why don't we call the Whaaaambulance?

At Roscoe! Report HQ in Southeastern Michigan, we naturally have some friends who attend Michigan State University. We usually don't like to get personal here at the Roscoe! Report, but a little too much boo-hooing from our Spartan bretheren has necessitated this:

Yes, there was a discrepancy in free throw attempts, but the refs were bad both ways. (The Graham Brown phantom foul, as an example) Michigan adjusted to the way the refs were calling the game, MSU didn't. Michigan looked fairly cool and collected down the stretch, MSU certainly didn't. (Especially one Paul Davis, who was so deer-in-the-headlights that he couldn't keep balanced, leading to the phantom foul.) MSU, who are supposed to be a good rebounding team, got outboarded. Which is especially telling considering MSU shot better than the field, thereby giving MSU more rebounding oppurtunities than Michigan. Michigan forced MSU to play a slow down game, which Sparty apparently cannot. Michigan dictated the pace and earned the win.
Just as a reminder, these friends of ours (pictured above) were the same ones who called us during the third quarter of the MSU-Michigan football game two years back. They were a little premature on that one.

I thoroughly enjoyed this post.


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