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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

You Underestimate the Power of Kobe

Firstly, I'll admit, I didn't see much of Kobe's 81. (aka any of It) The crappy Conference Championship games wore me out. But, Kobes 81, and my opinion of him, means nothing without our tumultuous history, mostly involving my unjustified dislike.

Hardaway fan and still fondly remember the lil' Penny commercials. I had a lot of fandom invested in Shaq and Penny. My original dislike for Kobe Bryant began not because of Kobe as a person or a player, but because of his team. This grew into an eventual personal dislike when he started on the All-Star team, despite coming off the bench for the Lakers. My counte Firstly, my dislike of the Lakers began with Shaq leaving Orlando. I was a big Anferneerculture streak kicked in here, people loved Kobe, therefore I didn't. As the Shaq-Kobe feud began, I naturally picked Shaq's side, because old habits die hard. (I own both Shaquille O'Neal albums.)
I had essentially the same reaction to the Eagle Co. situation as most everyone else did. And it led to the end of his only positive, his endorsement contract with Nutella. (mmmm....nutella)

Post-Eagle Co. Kobe became a conniving, Machiavellian, backstabber or atleast appeared so. He was a villain. A damn good villain. He even had superpowers, being probably the most talented basketball player in the league, and an outfit, those stupid tights. I loved to hate him. He coldclocked Mike Miller and was indignant afterwards and it seemed like just another day for Kobe.
He was a selfish player. Or at least appeared so. Any act of unselfishness was just that, an act. He didn't do it to incorporate his teammates, it was a response to the calls of selfishness. They rang hollow.

Then he scored 81.

He had only two assists. But that didn't matter to me. The man scored 81 points. That was enough for me. He didn't try to be a teammate, he was a team. Him against the world. I have to admit, I kind of liked it.

He's still a villain.
His career has been following the Anakin Skywalker arc. We're done with the wildly unentertaining prequels. Becoming Darth Vader was mildly interesting, now we just have to sit back and enjoy Kobe choking people with his mind.

(Note: I imagine the storm troopers behind Darth to be Luke Walton and Smush Parker. Lamar Odom is that General Moff Tarkin. [The guy Vader chokes in Episode IV] I'm embarassed I know that.)


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