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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It wasn't supposed to end like this...

Our favorite potential sidekick for Rasheed Wallace, Darko Milicic, may be heading out of town.
The potential trade sends Darko and Carlos Arroyo to Orlando for Kelvin Cato's expiring contract and a first round draft pick. (The protection of the draft pick is what's holding it up, right now the Magic want top-7 protected. The Pistons want something lower.)

This trade sucks for many reasons:
-I like Darko and Arroyo, I'll miss them. (Darko needs to be somewhere else to succeed though, so I'm torn about this. But I liked the idea of Darko since before I knew anything about him. I called him Donnie Darko. He was my draft crush.)
-Damnit, Arroyo is one of 2.5 ballhandlers we have. We're putting a lot of faith in the health of Lindsay Hunter.
-My Free Darko t-shirt and Darko Milicic jersey are rendered moot.
-Kelvin Cato? Do we really need another FC. Couldn't we get a better guy with an expiring contract, or at least someone who can help us now? Aren't the Pistons in the middle of a championship run? Cato is like our 5th option at the F/C.
-We're going to hear all sorts of things about how the Pistons would be so much better with Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony or Chris Bosh. (More on this tomorrow...or later if I can't sleep about this.)

This trade is great for one big reason:
-It makes keeping the best starting five in basketball together possible. Plus, a draft pick could get us some sort of servicable 7th/8th man, depending on what happens with Delfino.

Maybe Darko will go back in time and just not enter the draft, or something else that I won't understand. I still don't get that freaking movie. It was cool. But what the hell?


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