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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Roscoe! Report Olympics Coverage = Babes!

The Olympics are hardly the Roscoe! Report's favorite sporting events. (Mostly because we don't enjoy NBCs trumped-up, tape-delayed coverage. That's one of the nice things about being located in Southeastern Michigan. We get the CBC on basic cable, which means we can actually watch the events...gasp! they happen.) But we do enjoy the Winter Olympics because the events are loaded with athletes from cold weather countries. That means Scandanavian Chicks!

So, the Roscoe! Report would like to introduce you to Norwegian skier Kari Traa, former Olympic gold-medalist who today took the silver in Women's Moguls. (Skiing over little hills. Its what Johnny Mosely did before he started hosting Real World/Road Rules challenges.)

Anyways, you're here for pictures.

(The last picture actually was for a magazine cover. Wethinks the Roscoe! Report might need to take a vaction in Norway.)


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