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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wayne Gretzky isn't here to talk about the past

Thanks to our allegiance to CBC's coverage of these Winter Olympics, we at the Roscoe! Report spent this afternoon watching the Canadien Hockey Team's press conference. Team Canada's Brad Pascal (some sort of suit) tried to nip it in the bud by asking that the questions involve simply the Olympics. (He also requested, multiple times, that the reporters raise their hands and wait to be called on. This press conference was like a really well-run elementary class.)

Anyways, invariably the questions about (or aboot) distractions were raised, Wayne said that the players were professionals and wouldn't be distracted. Then he essentially pulled a McGwire with the gambling questions, wanting to talk about (or aboot) the current Olympics.

Here's some TimBits from Wayne...presented completely out of context-
"The players we have on this team are tremendously mature, they're ready to play hockey."
"There's really no distraction to them [the players] here."
"No, not at all."
"It doesn't involve me, I'm not involved...It's over and done with."
"I said what I said a week ago."
"If we don't win a gold medal, obviously I'll get blamed. But I've been blamed for lots before. It's not going to change my life."
"You know what, people are generally nice."
"People were concerned that the NHL players who were staying in the village, that they would overpower the figure skaters and the curlers."
"We know Todd Bertuzzi is a good person."
"I'm here to focus on tomorrow's hockey game, I'm here to think about the Olympics games, and to keep dwelling on what I said a week ago just doesn't make any sense."
"The most important things are friends and family."

And here I thought breakfast was the most important thing.


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