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Friday, February 03, 2006

We want Prenup!

Vh1 had a free concert at the State Theater in Detroit last night. (It will be airing on Saturday, heavily edited.) But Kanye West as the headliner will surely get some screen time in his kick ass old school late 80s early 90s Joe Dumars jacket. Believe me, its pretty damn sick. Once the Roscoe! Report can get a screen shot/figure out how to do screen shots, you know we'll have one.

Other highlights that will probably not make the telecast.
-A near "GIRLFIGHT!" breaking out right in front of us.
-Joey Harrington getting booed while a Fire Millen chant almost broke out. (We tried.)
-Willie McGinest's watch
-A Jim Breuer citing. Remember goat man? I bet you do.
- Johnny Reznick (lead singer Goo Goo Dolls) looks exactly the same as he did a decade ago.
-Kanye's personal orchestra, who rocked so hard a lot of the hairs on their bows broke.

(Note: Due to some Grammy legal shenanigans, Kanye West didn't appear on the television broadcast or any of the online clips. He's like Chris Webber and Michigan basketball. I swear I saw it, but apparently it didn't happen.)


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