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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

...But Will He Play Offense?

Our favorite quarterack with sensitive teeth has returned and throughout the headquarters of the worldwide leader, these questions were echoed, "What was he waiting for? What's different now?" Well, we know what changed his mind. I have a feeling that Favre was informed that the Green Bay Packers would be signing Charles Woodson and that said information had an effect on his decision. He's the help for which Farve's been asking. The Roscoe! Report's resident Charles Woodson fan-boy had this to say:

I'm pretty happy about [the signing.] I'm not gonna lie.

The Roscoe! Report is pretty pleased as well. We really hope that they let Chuck line up in the slot for a couple plays a game, if just to make me pine away for 1997. Oh, what a glorious year. Woodson has gone from a great college player to a good pro to a discontented disappointment. I think a change of scenery would do him well. Also, let us not forget what happened last time the Packers had a Michigan Heisman winner.


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