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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Northwestern Girls Soccer Proves that Money and Grades Don't Necessarily Indicate Intelligence

Badjocks brought this to the world's attention. Since the Roscoe! Report has no hazing experts and badjocks does, we're not going to attempt to judge the severity of the Northwestern Girls Soccer hazing incidence. But for me, personally, this just appears to be organized drunkeness. This leads me to one conclusion. Are these girls idiots?

Northwestern is the Big Ten's dorky, unathletic member. (They don't even have a track team!) This leads to embarassing results on any sort of field or court. Northwestern takes solace in the fact that they're supposedly smarter. Unquestionably, putting photographic evidence of hazing, which is against both state law and university policy, is pretty goddamn stupid. Hazing unfortunately exists at almost every level of sport in almost every place. (Seriously, just surf around BadJocks, they're very thorough.) But Northwestern girls soccer is one of the few I know of to post their own evidence on the internet for all to see. Idiots.


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