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Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Chick on Monk Pulls a Bobby Valentine

First, I will not apologize for watching Monk. I'm an old soul. I have been described as Grandpa-ish. I enjoy Monk. So sue me. Monk is consistently entertaining television. Get off my back.

Monk airs on Friday night, so I usually TiVo it and watch on Saturday afternoon. But I had an early Saturday, so there was significantly less boozing on Friday night. As boozing decreases, television viewing increases. So, I watched Monk. Once again, lay off.

Well, without explaining the entire episode, Monk and his lovely assistant are coaching a girls basketball game. Monk's assistant gets two technicals and is ejected. She solves the case while brooding in the locker room and returns to the court in the mascot costume. But after reporting her discovery to the Chief, she remains on the bench with the mascot head removed. The ref clearly sees her. The opposing team should be shooting free throws that instant. The opposing coach should be throwing a fit. None of that happened.

The game was pretty well choreographed up to that point. (It was girl's basketball, it's hard to screw that up.) The re-creation lost all credibility with the poor officiating. Damn cable television and their unrealistic sports scenes ruining my Friday nights. (Note: That was the most pathetic sentence written in the history of time.)


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